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J.S. Morin writes creative fantasy and science fiction adventures with modern appeal. He merges elements of classic fantasy with science fiction, plus a bit of action and adventure, giving readers something new and exciting.

Twinborn Chronicles

His first series, the Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening, is an epic fantasy series with a premise that readers have called “original” and “refreshing”. Fans of Tolkien’s classics and modern fantasy greats like Michael J. Sullivan and R.A. Salvatore alike have fallen in love with the series.

His second Twinborn series, Twinborn Chronicles: War of 3 Worlds, infuses an element of Steampunk into the intricacy and expansive worlds that readers expect from epic fantasy. A follow-up to Awakening, War of 3 Worlds has many familiar characters who make appearances, while still introducing a rich and colorful cast of new characters–along with a 3rd Twinborn world.

Black Ocean

His ongoing Black Ocean series combines all the adventure of space opera with the excitement of wizardry and magic. Throw in an endearing, imperfect crew, led by a fast-talking con man captain, and you’ve got a heist-driven series that fans describe as reminiscent of Firefly, Star Wars, or Guardians of the Galaxy.

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