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“Heroes vs. Villains” takes J.S. Morin’s popular “7 types of heroes” and “7 types of villains” posts to a whole new level, and packages it up into a convenient, downloadable guide.

The guide showcases 8 types of heroes and villains, including new hero type “Guardian Angel” and villain type “Businessman”, then pairs them against each other to get your creative juices flowing on stories that you can create with each pairing–64 pairings in total!

See what type of story you might get when you pair:

  • Perfect Hero with a comical Mustache Twirler
  • An Everyman with a Mastermind
  • A Prodigy with Someone Else’s Hero
  • An Un-Hero with his Mirror (hint: this is an inadvisable pairing)
  • …and 60 more match-ups!

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