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Trades Between Twins

by J.S. Morin

It was dark in the equipment room, my porta-lite the only illumination available besides the intermittent blinking of a thousand indicator lights – greens , reds, ambers. The porta-lite cast crazed shadows as I poked it through a tangle of cables to see the back of the data distributor node that security reported an error in. They had forwarded the error codes, gibberish to them but a map right to the problem for any A-Class tech like me. I popped the panel where I knew the problem would be an turned my face aside at the cloud of dust that came off every disturbed surface.

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Why can’t you be more like Jane?

by Cathy M.

I woke exhausted, as usual. A good night’s sleep for me was wishful thinking. As I swung my legs over the side of the bed I reached for the notepad on the nightstand. Lack of sleep fried my memory and list-making was the most effective way to make it through a day without forgetting something.

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The Other Half

by David A.

Did you ever wonder how the other half lives? Are you sure you want to know? What if you lived both halves at the same time? Sort of…

I’m assuming I’m not just dreaming when I smell the stench of the pot in the corner of the damp moldy rat infested room, or taste the swill the prison guard delights in presenting to me, oh, I mean to Cloutfale.

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