The Twinborn Chronicles is an epic fantasy saga based on the possibility that our dreams are more than fictional episodes conjured up by our imaginations. Instead, they offer us a glimpse into the life of another – another who can get the same glimpse into our world. For those who recognize these glimpses as more than dreams, a life of adventure, privilege, and danger awaits.

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Twinborn Chronicles: Awakening Collection

Kyrus Hinterdale is about to get drawn into a conflict the likes of which he could never have imagined. His discovery that the world in his dreams is real, and that his twin within that world dreams of him, sets him off on a quest of self-discovery that could reshape two worlds.

But he's not alone with this special vision. Others like him had been at it far longer, working secret plots and stealing secrets from one world to take advantage in the other. Caught in the middle of an ancient conflict, Kyrus and his twin, Brannis, must discover who can be trusted, who must be watched, and who is out to kill him.

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Twinborn Chronicles: War of 3 Worlds Collection

In a world where humans are a slave race, there are only two options: serve, or fight. Can a mad tinker add a third option: escape?

Cadmus Errol is the greatest inventor that Tellurak has ever known. His clockwork graces the spires of cities across the world. Yet in another, darker world, he lives the life of a slave. There, humanity is held underfoot, bound in service to the victors of a war fought untold generations ago. It will take all the wits and resources of the best that humanity can muster to break that hold. Can Cadmus Errol, the Mad Tinker, be the one to free them all?

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Individual books

Knight in the Nighttime

A knight in over his head. A scribe caught dabbling with magic. Each is doomed unless they can join forces across worlds.
Kyrus Hinterdale had never remembered his dreams. But when magic leaks from those dreams into his waking hours, the floodgates of his memories open. He remembers bits and pieces of a life in another world, and as those pieces fit together, he realizes that world is as real as his own. When his experimentation in magic runs afoul of superstitious townsfolk, he finds himself facing being burned at the stake. If he uses his newfound magic to escape, he will face a life on the run. If he chooses to stay and clear his name, he risks a fiery death.
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Sorcerer in the Mirror

Being twinborn can make you paranoid. Being paranoid can keep you alive.
Kyrus is marooned on a remote island, with no rescue in sight. Brannis has a war to plan. Soria Coinblade is a brutal mercenary, trained in both magic and hand to hand combat, and she’s not taking excuses from them in either world. To escape an arranged marriage in one world, she’s seeking the twin of the man she’d rather spend her life with.
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Demon in the Bloodline

He swore and oath of vengeance. But how do you kill something immortal?
Kyrus and Brannis are in this together now. The Kadrin Empire’s war has spilled across worlds. Allies fall on all sides. Peace might be possible, but only if they can stop the two most powerful sorcerers of Veydrus from destroying the continent first. But as they navigate the complex web of alliances and betrayals going behind the scenes among the twinborn, an even greater problem emerges. Could it be possible that the greatest enemy of the Kadrin Empire is its greatest hero?
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Mad Tinker’s Daughter

It isn't the Human Rebellion yet. Someone needs to invent it.

Rynn scrubs floors at the university to eavesdrop on lectures. In Korr, humans are the working class: the serfs, the slaves, and the underpaid freemen who keep the gears turning for their kuduk overlords. Not every human is content letting their lives be spent for the kuduks’ ease. She’s seen what mankind is capable of… In her dreams, she lives another life, in another world where humans control their own destiny. She’s willing to die if that’s what it takes to bring that same freedom to Korr.

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Rebel Skyforce

The rebel underground takes to the skies.

After escaping Eversall Deep in what has become known as the Great Slave Revolt, Rynn and her fellow rebels are on the run. In their stolen airships, they must evade airships from nations across Korr as they seek to found a headquarters for the Human Rebellion.

Meanwhile, on Tinker’s Island, Cadmus works to build a new world-ripper from the plans he stole. Can he finish building it before his former owner constructs one of his own? Madlin could be a great aid to him, but she is having enough trouble just getting home with two troublesome Veydran twinborn in tow.

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World-Ripper War

In a war without borders, you’re always behind enemy lines.

The war has begun. The Human Rebellion is on the move, knowing that their enemies possess the same world-ripper technology that allows them to appear at will across vast distances.

The war expands as all sides use their newfound mobility to reach out for potential allies. With the stakes growing larger as factions align, who can afford not to take sides?

Rynn sets out to rebuild herself as only a tinker can. Madlin designs a hideaway for the rebellion that no one will ever find. And the Mad Tinker starts working on a weapon that even Rynn thinks is insane.

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Tinker’s Justice

Justice can’t be built in a workshop. That won’t stop a tinker from trying.

The members of the Human Rebellion face a war spread across three worlds. Their enemies are multiplying. Their allies are becoming increasingly tenuous. With the war spiraling out of control, can Rynn find the answers to their plight in the pages of an ancient book? Or will Madlin take matters into her own hands and build something even she fears to turn on?

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Between the Worlds: 8 Twinborn Chronicles short stories

Gamblers and goblins. Dragons and duels. Scoundrels of every make and description.

Dive back into the worlds of the Twinborn Chronicles with this collection of eight short stories—including three stories exclusive to this collection. J.S. Morin peels back the larger twinborn stories to reveal the smaller tales concealed beneath.

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Murder In Marker’s Point: A Reader Quest

A knock on the door. A fading dream of conspiracy and murder. Only two ways out: choose one.

You wake to discover that your brother has been murdered, men are fleeing the scene, and the authorities are knocking at your door! You’ll need to call upon everything you know about being Twinborn to solve the murder, and stay alive.

Murder in Marker's Point is a Twinborn Reader Quest in the style of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.