Looking for ways to keep tabs on my new releases and book discounts? Here are some surefire ways to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in the world of J.S. Morin!

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My BookBub profile
If you love a good ebook discount, chances are you already love BookBub.

But they offer more than just ebook deals. They also keep readers up-to-date on your favorite authors. So if I have new books out, when BookBub features a deal for my books, or when I share a book I enjoyed (or have had lots of you recommend to me), they’ll let you know.

And if I get enough of you to follow me (I’m almost half-way to the 1000-follower minimum!) they’ll also share when my books are available for pre-order.

My Books2Read profile
If you’d just like notifications when new books come out and don’t care about all that other stuff, Books2Read will let you know when I have something new. And if you tell them your favorite ebook store, they’ll only share the links you care about. Otherwise, they’ll share everywhere my new book is available.

My Amazon author page
If you’re only interested in when books come out for Kindle, you can follow my author page on Amazon. Amazon will send out announcements about pre-orders and new releases to everyone who follows J.S. Morin.

I’ve never really succeeded at finding my fans on Goodreads, but the community there is pretty active, and they do a good job of posting my books when they come out. If you’re just looking to find out when new books come out, Goodreads is another option.

And if you want to reach out to me there, I’m always happy to answer reader Q&A posts!