Series in the Black Ocean universe

Black Ocean: Galaxy Outlaws

Meet the galaxy’s unluckiest outlaws.
Carl Ramsey is an ex-Earth Navy fighter pilot turned con man. His ship, the Mobius, is home to a ragtag crew of misfits and refugees looking to score a big payday but more often just scratching to pay for fuel. The crew consists of his ex-wife (and pilot), a drunkard, four-handed mechanic, a xeno-predator with the disposition of a 120kg housecat, and the galaxy’s most-wanted wizard.
Along the way, the Mobius crew crosses paths with the Black Ocean’s vilest scum, from pirate fleets to criminal syndicates, and most law-abiding scum, including Earth Interstellar Enhanced Investigative Organization, ARGO high command, and the Convocation of Wizards.
Time and again, riches lie just out of reach, because for all the talents Carl Ramsey and his crew possess, they’ve also got an outlaw’s greatest weakness: a conscience.

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Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire

Because even in the 26th century, the little guys need a hero…

Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire follows the exploits of a pair of do-gooder bounty hunters who care more about saving the day than securing a payday. It builds on the rich Black Ocean universe, following a couple of fan favorites, and introduces a colorful cast for new and returning readers alike.

Fans of vigilante justice and heroes who exemplify the word will love this series.

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* and counting. This in-progress series will have 16 missions by the time it wraps up September, 2020.

Black Ocean: Astral Prime

A space station at the edge of the galaxy just found a planet that’s slipping off the edge entirely.

After losing control of his magic, wizard Cedric The Brown blew up his boss and nearly crashed a space station into a planet. Determined to make amends, he pledges to help the mining station negotiate with the nearby planet’s mysterious magical inhabitants.

With nothing but the bankrupt station as severance pay, Director Fujita Hiroko moves to the edge of the galaxy to keep the station afloat as an independent mining operation. When the nearby planet vanishes with her and her survey team still on the surface, hopes of mining are quickly replaced by a more pressing goal: finding a way back to her station.

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Black Ocean fan art

Black Ocean has attracted some talented fans over the years, and they’ve built on that inspiration to create some amazing work!
Here’s just a taste of it.

If Black Ocean has inspired you to create something amazing, and you’d like to have it featured here, just contact me and let me know.

LEGO Mobius

By Thomas Lockwood of flyingbrix

Black Ocean-inspired soundtrack

By Shaun Raven (aka hypervox)