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Black Ocean is a vivid 26th century story universe where science and magic coexistsort of.

While the races of the universe rely on wizards for space travel and expansionfaster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, universal translation, terraforming inhospitable planetstechnology also marches on. Factions like galactic megacorporations, interstellar organized crime families, military powers, and organizations of allied races vie to shift power for their own ends.

All the while, the little guys go about their lives trying to make a living…


  • Space opera
  • Fantasy
  • SciFi Adventure

Key Features

  • Small crew with big secrets
  • Renegade wizards
  • Multi-xeno cast
  • Megacorps, military, and criminal elements vying for power

For Fans of

  • Firefly
  • Star Wars
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Rick & Morty


Available in

  • ebooks
  • paperbacks
  • audiobooks

Factions in the Black Ocean universe


If the future weren’t so futuristic, the wizards of Earth might not have felt the need to band together and form their own social club. Older than paper, the preeminent wizardly trade association polices a membership that non-magical law enforcement is happy not having to deal with.


Harmony Bay

“Healing a Sick Galaxy” sounds great on an advertising campaign. If only their customers knew that beneath the megacorp’s veneer of good intentions is a black-ops division conducting some of the galaxy’s least ethical research.

Poet Fleet

Don’t let the Mardi Gras atmosphere aboard their ships or the eclectic reading tastes of their crews fool you. These are pirates. When someone is demanding access codes to your ship, you don’t quibble over the fact that they look like an understudy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


The Allied Races of the Galactic Ocean. This multi-species alliance spans the civilized galaxy (which is helpfully defined as ARGO-controlled space), providing peace and security for its wealthiest and most centrally located citizens.

Earth Navy

The go-to force for delivering Earthly values to ignorant alien scum. Comprised of equal parts large ships and snazzy uniforms, they defend borderlands from hostile incursions, core worlds from piracy, and spaces in between from well-meaning smugglers just trying to make ends meet.

Rucker Syndicate

Organized crime has been largely eradicated from Earth. Mars, however, is a different story. The Ruckers have built a criminal empire that spans half the planet and a fair number of other core worlds. Just not Earth.

Black Ocean story universe timeline

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Black Ocean fan art

Black Ocean has attracted some talented fans over the years, and they’ve built on that inspiration to create some amazing work!
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LEGO Mobius

By Thomas Lockwood of flyingbrix

Black Ocean-inspired soundtrack

By Shaun Raven (aka hypervox)