Black Ocean: Passage of Time is a science fantasy series set in the late 26th century. What if Futurama jumped 5 years ahead instead of 1000? What if Doc and Marty lost the car keys? What if Bonnie and Clyde were siblings instead of lovers? Passage of Time jolts the Black Ocean universe forward into new adventures and new perils with a new cast of zany misfits trying to outsmart the galaxy just to get by.

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Tempus Fugitive: Mission 1

The next generation is here, and trouble is in their DNA.

Jessie and Eric Ramsey have a family history of crime. Fighting back against heredity, each tried to make their way in the galaxy by respectable means. Jessie joined Earth Navy; Eric went to college for magic. But fate wasn’t having it. Eric was expelled. Jessie went AWOL. Now, due to a magical mishap that wasn’t entirely anyone’s fault (we swear!), they’re stranded 5 years in the future on a Mars that’s no longer friendly territory.

Caught behind enemy lines in a galactic civil war they didn’t know about, the pair need every trick in their respective books to survive on Mars long enough to escape. Along the way, they’ll meet old friends and make new foes, and if they’re very lucky, manage to figure out where they belong in this new galactic order.

And Mars is only the beginning. Time travel is a one-way trip, and the only way to stop is death. And Ramseys don’t die easy.

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Terran Incognito: Mission 2

Sometimes you want to go where NOBODY knows your name.

Space station Echo Niner remained neutral in the Earth/Mars civil war. For a pair of fugitives on the run from both sides, it sounded like the perfect place to regroup.

But Eric and Jessie Ramsey barely set foot aboard Echo Niner before getting embroiled in local disputes. Rival warlords divide the station into four zones, each under its own version of martial law. Separated by the teeming masses who call the station home, the siblings need to navigate the treacherous social landscape, discover allies, and reunite.

It doesn’t help that their cover gets blown.

Or that Earth Navy blockaded the station.

Or that Eric appears to be the backup plan.

The galaxy has it in for the Ramseys, and even neutral territory offers no solace. With factions clawing and scratching just for the privilege of turning them over for a reward, there’s only one way Eric and Jessie are going to get out of this alive: together.

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Xeno’s Paragon: Mission 3

He’s the elephant in the room that everyone is talking about.

Jessie and Eric Ramsey finally catch a break. The League of Independent Planets has granted them asylum and allowed them to live on the techno-paradise world of Phabian. Jessie gets a clerical job. Eric ends up working at a factory making magical construction materials. He might even have a girlfriend.

Of course, trouble always finds a Ramsey.

Eric’s inquisitor parole officers locate him despite having no official jurisdiction. Jessie gets recruited into Phabian’s ultra-secret counterintelligence agency, Section 74.

Yet somehow, everything revolves around a newcomer to this part of the galaxy. He’s three meters tall with a personality sized to match. His species evolved from elephants, and lives on the other side of the galaxy. Ambassador of his species, this mighty explorer holds court on Phabian, the toast of the planet, and his even mightier ship waits in orbit, a mystery beyond known technology. He could be a great ally or a deadly enemy if he were to take sides in the Earth/Mars civil war.

That’s why Section 74 wants Jessie to assassinate him.

A good agent would put together a plan, befriend the ambassador, learn his habits, then betray him and frame someone for the job. A Ramsey, on the other hand, will get to know him and realize she likes him better than the assholes who want him dead.

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Time and Punishment: Mission 4

The rules to Hide & Seek just got a whole lot deadlier.

The astral drop took out all the tech on the ship—maybe for good. They’re so far down that rescue seems unlikely. If they had it to do over again, maybe Eric and Jessie would have found some other way to escape their pursuers. But unless Eric figures out reverse time travel, they’re going to have to live with the decision.

Or die with it.

With a gaggle of refugees and a strange, alien vessel, the options for survival seem grim. Jessie assigns search parties to scavenge the vessel for essential supplies. Teams of refugees fan out in pairs. Eric, who both saved and possibly doomed them all, sulks and refrains from using magic and making things even worse.

Things get worse without his help.

Inquisitors from the Convocation manage to get aboard, and none of the crew are ready to defend themselves against magic. All be lost, except an old friend stops by to lend a hand—and a little bit of magic.

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What’s next?

Black Ocean: Passage of Time is just getting started, but the crew needs a rest after this stressful batch of missions. Stay tuned for more adventures with Eric and Jessie Ramsey after the next 4 Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem missions.

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