Shadowblood Heir

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Magic: As Seen on TV

Aspiring author Matt Lee delivers pizza by day to scrape together the pittance he contributes for the Cambridge apartment he shares with best friend Judy and her boyfriend.

He also hears voices.

During the season finale of their favorite show, the three learn that the best-selling author of the books has been murdered in a manner remarkably similar to the episode’s prophesy. Unfortunately for Matt, the author is Patricia Martinez—the professor responsible for expelling him from Harvard when his Shadowblood fan fiction was just a little too good.

Now the prime suspect in her murder, Matt worries even his friends think he might just be crazy enough to be guilty.

His only hope: listen to the voices.

Because if he can prove that Patricia Martinez was writing fact instead of fiction, and that the Shadow realm killed her before she could close the seal she opened, he might just be able to save the world.

But can he trust Judy to help set things right, and resist the first taste of real power he’s ever had? Or will he break away from his best friend and give in to the Shadows?

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