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New series: Sins of Angels

Echoes of Angels - Book 1 of the Sins of Angels series

First, they saved us. Then they enslaved us. Yet five hundred years after the angels vanished, humanity continues to obey.

Professor Rachel Jordan dared to defy 3000 years of angelic doctrine, teaching that the ancient angels were never the saviors they claimed to be. Now branded a heretic, Rachel’s only hope is a fabled lost book of the Codex, written by a rogue angel.

But she’s not the only one looking for it…

Now available: Black Ocean Mission 16

Mission 15: Planet Hustlers

One mission short of retirement. What could possibly go wrong?

Carl’s looking forward to a quiet life with his soon-to-be wife and the child they’re expecting. But when Amy makes a simple request, there’s a catch. She wants their wedding on Earth so her mother can be there. For a law-abiding citizen, that would be a pricey but straightforward request. For a band of outlaws, flying into the galaxy’s headquarters for law and order would be suicidal… without a plan.

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