J.S. Morin writes creative fantasy and science fiction adventures with modern appeal.

He merges elements of classic fantasy with science fiction, plus a bit of action and adventure, giving readers something new and exciting.

The author is an amazing world builder, and his characters are truly worth rooting for… even the not-so-friendly ones.

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A lovable band of outlaws tour the galaxy making easy money the hardest way possible…

In the Black Ocean universe, pulp science fiction meets wizardly magic. All the implausible sci-fi tropes such as faster than light travel (FTL), artificial gravity, and universal translators are explained the way sci-fi authors have been dancing around for decades: it’s all really just magic.

Wizards argue with the universe itself to convince it to bend to their will, and magic screws up science something awful. In that universe, renegade wizards, con men, and outlaws struggle at the fringes of society, looking to live life by their own rules. But whether it’s the laws of physics or the regular kind of laws, breaking them comes at a price. And someone is always coming to collect it.


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Available in ebooks, paperback, and audiobooks


For the Twinborn–those who exist in dual worlds–life is double the intrigue and double the danger.

Those who can see two worlds have an advantage that no one-worlder can conceive. Stolen magic, copycat technology, and political schemes whose conspirators can meet in secret without ever setting foot in the same country are just the beginning.

The ones who master all the tricks and traps of this world-bridging existence will reap incredible rewards. Those who fail to think across worlds will fall first in one, then in the other.


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Available in ebooks, paperback, and audiobooks

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Project Transhuman

He’s the robot who rebuilt Earth. She’s the first human in a thousand years. Now, this retired war-hero has to save a science experiment before she becomes a murder victim.

Charlie7 is the oldest robot alive. He’s seen everything from the fall of mankind at the hands of alien invaders to the rebuilding of a living world from the algae up. But what he hasn’t seen in over a thousand years is a healthy, intelligent human. When Eve stumbles into his life, the old robot finally has something worth coming out of retirement for: someone to protect.

Join J.S. Morin on a journey back into the golden age of science fiction.


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Available in ebooks, paperback, and audiobooks


Sins of Angels

After millennia of oppressive dogma, one rebellious woman seeks to spark a galactic enlightenment.

Professor Rachel Jordan spearheads a one-woman crusade against the forces that have held humanity in thrall for centuries. With the help of a fleet officer, a genetically enhanced assassin, and a shadowy corporate sponsor, she’s out to spread the truth to the universe. The ancient beings who saved us from destruction enslaved humanity.

Co-written with mythic fantasy author M.A. Larkin, Sins of Angels takes place across multiple galaxies and pits one woman against megacorps, military, and the ruling theocracy–all to awaken humanity to the truth: they are not free.

Available formats:

Available in ebooks, paperback, and audiobooks

Shadowblood Heir

Magic: As Seen on TV…

Aspiring author Matt Lee delivers pizza by night to scrape by as he tries to make it as a writer. He also hears voices.

When Matt finds himself the prime suspect in the murder of his favorite author, he worries even his friends think he might just be crazy enough to be guilty.

His only hope: listen to the voices.

Because if he can prove that the victim was writing fact instead of fiction and that an assassin from her own storybook universe killed her, he might just be able to save the world. And his own sanity.

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