New series: Robot Geneticists

Extinction Reversed - Book 1 of the Robot Geneticists series

Could you live 1000 years as a robot to undo the destruction of Earth?
Charles Truman has.
1000 years ago, Charlie7 eradicated the alien virus that wiped out life on Earth. Since then, he and the other robots he’s created have been reconstructing life molecule by molecule. Their genetic engineering prowess is mere decades from safely creating humans.

But someone wasn’t willing to wait…

Now available: Black Ocean Mission 13

Mission 13: Mission Inadvisable

Part-time heroes. Full-time outlaws.

Carl Ramsey has done the unthinkable: he turned down a lucrative job. When the deed is too despicable even for outlaws like the Mobius crew, someone nasty had to be behind it.


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