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Mission 9: Adventure Capital

There’s a new crime lord in this galaxy. Time to make crime actually pay.
Carl Ramsey had a derelict battleship and a hundred stranded navy veterans fall into his lap. With Earth Navy happier pretending none of them existed, it only seemed logical to turn them into a criminal empire. What could possibly go wrong?

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Mission 1: Salvage Trouble

Hitchhikers are trouble in any galaxy.
Down-on-his-luck starship captain Carl Ramsey is just looking for some easy cash. His team discovers a stuck escape pod while looting a wrecked transport ship, and his ‘routine’ salvage job turns into a rescue mission. And of course, a good deed never goes unpunished…


Worldbuilding: Government

Worldbuilding: Government

One of the main goals of worldbuilding is to create a believable backdrop for telling a story. But after figuring out geography, magic, and fantastical mythological creatures, there needs to be some sort of societal structure in place. And the so… read more

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A 26th Century Wizard Reviews Star Wars: A New Hope

Born on Earth just after the turn of the 26th Century, Mordecai The Brown is a wizard of considerable skill. His enmity for modern science and technology has nonetheless left him with an appreciation of ancient entertainment media that involve primit… read more
The 5 Minute Shortcut to Creating Cultures

The 5 Minute Shortcut to Creating Cultures

Often times you’ll find a need for a foreign culture in your writing. But you can convey a sense of a vibrant, multicultural world without having to delve into the minutiae and idiosyncrasies of every nation. It’s fine to flesh out nationalities … read more

What Does it Take to Make Your Book Into an Audiobook?

What Does it Take to Make Your Book Into an Audiobook?

Audio is a great way to reach readers who prefer listening over reading, or those who spend a lot of time on cars, in trains, or otherwise on the go. But there is a barrier to entry that keeps most indie authors out of this arena: not knowing what … read more
Ken Hughes Interviews J.S. Morin

Ken Hughes Interviews J.S. Morin

Today I’m lending space on my blog to author Ken Hughes. Last week I did an interview with Ken. Here is his his interview, with me answering the questions

1.      Let’s start at the beginning: how did you know you wanted the kind of … read more