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Have you ever wondered where the people and places in your dreams come from? Sometimes the people we dream about seem familiar, even though we know they must be strangers. Sometimes as a dream fades with the wakefulness of the day, a lingering memory of a street or a building seems to be as second-nature as where we grew up.

And what do those people who entertain our hours of slumber dream about? What if those people dreamed about you…were, in a way, a part of you?

In the worlds of the Twinborn, a lucky few are connected in just such a way to another individual in a world entirely foreign to them, yet inexplicably familiar. Those who discover the connection find themselves with knowledge and skills that others in their world don’t, and take advantage of those as a means to a variety of ends: self-serving greed, preservation of a homeland, power and domination, love.

Welcome to the world of the Twinborn – what will you discover about yourself?

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