What if the world in your dreams 
was also real?

For the Twinborn–those who exist in dual worlds–life is
double the intrigue and double the danger.

Those who can see two worlds have an advantage that no one-worlder can conceive. Stolen magic, copycat technology, and political schemes whose conspirators can meet in secret without ever setting foot in the same country are just the beginning.

The ones who master all the tricks and traps of this world-bridging existence will reap incredible rewards. Those who fail to think across worlds will fall first in one, then in the other.

The sword appeared impractical, fanciful even. Forged by sorcerers, its purpose ran deeper than cutting flesh. Capable of belching forth a deadly green mist, Massacre was an implement of destruction, not swordplay.

Kadris has stood for 5000 years. From humble beginnings, it has expanded beyond multiple attempts to wall in its ever-growing populace. As buildings slowly sank into the soil over centuries, they built up new layers atop the old, streets becoming sewers, sewers becoming catacombs, even as the great spires rose.

No shipyard builds pirate vessels. They build for merchants, explorers, and navies. A pirate ship is born when it’s taken by force.

No fire, no matter how hot, can melt stone in an instant, flatten buildings, blast through city walls. Then how to dragons wreak such mayhem? Their breath is a mixture of flame and raw magic. And even if you survive the blast, there’s still the dragon.

Waist-high, scrawny, weak as a child, a lone goblin is little threat to a human. One hundred thousand, armed with razor-sharp weapons, engines of war, and ferocious magic, spurred to action by their merciless god, can menace empires.

A mountain fortress built beneath a glacier, Raynesdark sees the forces of man and goblin clash in an epic battle under the watchful eyes of demons and dragons.

No human enters; no ogre leaves. This is the truce brokered by the War-Bringer, and even the mighty Kadrin Empire avoids the ogres’ forest homeland.

Dragons and demons. Immortal and terrible. Nothing in this world scares these ancient creatures except for one another.

Built beneath a glacier and atop a dormant volcano, the fortress city of Raynesdark protects mines of untold wealth. Only an unprecedented force could threaten its impregnable defenses.

Even in defeat, the threat of Grand Necromancer Loramar could not be eliminated. No one plans for their own demise like the masters of the dead.

The stone obelisk was all but indestructible. Yet legends told that the staff buried at its heart offered untold power to its wielder. What unforeseen consequence could possibly deter one willing to break it free?

Civilizations rise and fall, but deep within the ancient groves of Podawei Wood lies a community whose residents have witnessed it all.