ARC reader application

So what’s this ARC thing all about?

ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy, so that’s what you’re signing up for: an opportunity to read my books before anyone else. In return, you agree to provide an honest review to help the rest of the world decide if they will like the book.

I can only feasibly give out a limited number of ARC’s for each book, so please note that signing up does not guarantee you will get a copy of every book. You’ll be invited to join the ARC team private Facebook group if you have been selected to receive an ARC, and then we’ll go from there.

Sometimes my new books will only be available on Amazon at first, so the only place you can leave your review will be on Amazon. You can request an ARC if your favorite platform is one other than Amazon, but please only do so if you are willing to LEAVE YOUR REVIEW on Amazon.

NOTE: Only active Email Insiders are eligible to receive ARCs. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for Insider Exclusives first, and you’ll get an invitation to apply for ARCs in a few months.

    I want to make sure I’m only asking you to read books you're likely to love.
  • I just need to make sure you already review books you read and provide honest, helpful reviews on Amazon.
    Go to Amazon, your account, Profile (under ordering and shopping preferences). Click on your public profile. Then copy the URL at top of page.
  • I am also interested in reviewing audiobooks after they are released. (OPTIONAL)
  • If you are also interested in reviewing audiobooks after release, I just need to make sure you already review the audiobooks you listen to and provide honest, helpful reviews on Audible.
    Go to Audible, under your account section go to your "Listener Page". Then copy the website URL.
  • If you can't read or review a book because of an out-of-the-ordinary scheduling conflict, you just need to let me know when you get the invitation to review.
  • I understand that at this time, I can ONLY leave ebook ARC reviews on Amazon, and am willing to do so.
  • I will give you as much advanced notice as I can so you can plan. I will also send you the Amazon link once the book is ready.
  • As an independent author trying to make a living telling stories, piracy can really hurt. Please respect my copyright by not sharing, copying, or in any way using this file in a manner not intended.

    "I promise not to: