These days, even the humans are built by robots.

Explore the ruins of the Human Age. Witness the glory of a world reclaimed from the apocalypse.

Charlie7 is the oldest robot alive. He’s seen everything from the fall of mankind at the hands of alien invaders to the rebuilding of a living world from the algae up. But what he hasn’t seen in over a thousand years is a healthy, intelligent human. When Eve stumbles into his life, the old robot finally has something worth coming out of retirement for: someone to protect.


Join J.S. Morin for a new science fiction series where I, Robot meets Jurassic Park. If you love post-apocalyptic stories, with a dose of genetic engineering intrigue, keep an eye out for Robot Geneticists starting this spring.

Mission 1: Extinction ReversedMission 1: Extinction Reversed

Could you live 1000 years as a robot to undo the destruction of Earth?

Charles Truman has.

After eradicating the alien virus that wiped out life on Earth, Charlie7 has been reconstructing life molecule by molecule.

It’s hard work. It’s lonely work. It’s thankless work.

1000 years later, Charlie7 and the other robots he’s created have established a thriving, familiar ecosystem. Their genetic engineering prowess is mere decades from safely creating humans.

But someone wasn’t willing to wait…

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Mission 2: Brain RecyclersMission 2: Brain Recyclers
Coming June 2, 2017

Immortality is a prison of fear.

With humanity out in the open, Eve and her sisters are now the subject of worldwide adoration—and constant surveillance. With Eve as humanity’s spokeswoman, it’s up to her to bargain for the freedom she craves now that’s she’s had a taste of it.

But Eve’s pleas fall on deaf ears. Hers is only one voice, lost in a committee of robots hundreds of years her senior. No amount of earnestness can overcome the crushing inertia of the Human Committee.

With no prospect of gaining room to breathe within the rules, Eve hatches a plot to escape and finds out exactly why the robots have tried so hard to keep the humans safe.

The Brain Recyclers are out there. They want to be human again. They will stop at nothing.