Astral Prime Mission Pack 1: Mission 1-4

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They found a planet where none belonged. They should have left it alone.

With her company bankrupt, Hiroko takes her mobile mining station as severance pay. Trekking to the edge of the galaxy in search of a way to keep afloat, she stumbles across a planet adrift in astral space.

Instead of registering the anomaly as a hazard, Hiroko embraces the opportunity to investigate. But she didn't know she'd be triggering a wild adventure of interstellar intrigue as factions vie for the ancient secrets guarded by the planet.

Calvin was just here to help out. As a wizard on the run, he felt obliged to help rebuild the station he'd almost destroyed. Posing as a lowly star-drive mechanic, he gets by performing odd jobs until an emergency exposes his true magical strength....

They wouldn't be in this mess without him. Nor are they getting out of it without him.

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