Behind Blue Skies: Mission 2

Laying low isn’t supposed to work this way.

Esper and Kubu take an outlaw vacation to a remote planet whose tiny colony seems idyllic. It’s far enough for the Convocation wizards dogging them to lose their trail. The plan is simple: stay out of trouble, let the heat die down, and slink back quietly to civilized space. But these two aren’t good at keeping out of trouble.

Before long, they’re exposed to the rotten core beneath this purported Utopia. Bitter feuds lurk just below the surface. Feigned friendships mask deadly rivalries. Cliques control what passes for a government on the colony. And when a good man finds himself in the crosshairs of a conspiracy to run him off the planet...

...well, you’ve probably guessed it by now.

Esper steps in and takes a stand. Because what good is vigilante justice if it’s left to amateurs?

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