Know When to Run: Mission 1

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"Let's just say I have pressing business anywhere but Earth."

Chuck Ramsey is a traveling comedian trying to turn a planetside gig on Earth into a cash cow. Of course, the cost of living on Earth is astronomical. He needs to get rich quick—or at least come out ahead—and head for cheaper pastures.

Enter Mordecai The Brown. Once the golden boy of the Convocation, Guardian of the Plundered Tomes, and the Convocation's number one hunter of dark wizards, "Mort" has found himself on the wrong end of an internal investigation. You see, he was supposed to be killing mad wizard, then confiscating and locking up dangerous books—not reading them. Certainly not stealing them and destroying them.

When Mort needs quick passage off world and off the books, he remembers a backstage meet-and-greet with funny-man who lived a nomadic existence with his family. Chuck agrees to take a passenger aboard his family ship, the Radio City, and suddenly a powerful wizard owes a favor he can never repay.

Little did either of them know the trouble that would follow.

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