Live and Let Kill: Mission 9

A friend in greed is a friend indeed.

Comedy doesn't pay. Some might claim that's the wrong cliché, but Chuck Ramsey knows the truth of it all too well. That's why he resorts to crime to pay the bills. His latest scheme isn't to pick up odd, questionably legal jobs near his gigs; this time he's found the perfect opportunity, and he's willing to buy a gig to be in the right place at the right time. All he has to do is get a certain wizard to play his part without knowing it.

Meanwhile, the colony Chuck chose is a real dump, an old asteroid mine turned barely-viable colony. And there's not much for kids to do there. At least, nothing that ticks all the boxes of safe, legal, and interesting enough to keep their attention. We already knew the Ramsey scheming gene had passed to the next generation, but the oldest isn't the only kid getting ideas outside the law.

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