Mirth & Mayhem Complete Collection: Missions 1-16

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Better a lifetime on the edge of disaster than an honest day's work.

Chuck Ramsey is a traveling con man fronting as a comedian. After a gig on Earth, he picks Mordecai The Brown, a hitchhiking wizard on the run from his own kind. Chuck's ship, the Radio City, is a Winnebego of the stars, serving as both home and transport as he schemes and scams across the galaxy with his family. The pair form an unlikely bond, and "Mort" becomes a part of that family. The Ramseys, wizard in tow, embark on a journey of criminal hijinks, magical mayhem, and evasion of consequences for both.

They cross paths with wizard-hunters and smuggling kingpins, sheriffs from backwater border planets and underworld syndicates. Between Chuck's silver tongue and Mort's mystical mastery, they manage to get in and out of trouble on planets large and small. Money comes and goes, with the biggest score always the one yet to come. Danger sniffs at their trail wherever they go, but somehow, they find a way to keep going.

Chuck and Mort make many friends in their travels.

They make even more enemies. And along the way, the two of them inadvertently help raise a boy to become one of the galaxy's unsung heroes.

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