50 Ways to Leave a Planet: Mission 10

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No need for a ploy, boy. Just set yourself free.

On the heels of a crazy, dangerous scheme that he barely got away with, Chuck Ramsey presses his luck and keeps trying. But on Ganymede, in the heart of Sol's wine country, in the territory of a small but ruthless local criminal syndicate, his luck runs out. Chuck sends off quick comms to the rest of the family to get them back to the ship on the double.

Two problems: Becky doesn't believe he's really in danger on a core world, and Brad receives the wrong message entirely.

For Becky, it's simple. She'd rather stay with Rhiannon as she tries to launch her daughter's acting career.

As for Brad, he was out with his sister Michelle, and the message he got was a code word that his father was compromised, the ship wasn't safe to return to, and to get off the planet ASAP. By the time Chuck figures out his mistake, Brad has a huge head start, and has gone off the grid.

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