We Drink Alone: Mission 12

Beer: the cause of, and solution to, all the galaxy's problems.

Mordecai The Brown has killed more than his fair share of his fellow humans. Once a mighty hunter of wizards, life has reduced him to chasing down mundane miscreants in a complex scheme orchestrated by a friend. One day, he simply realizes that he's being used, and he puts his foot down. This next murder, he will not do.

Thinking he's washed his hands of the matter, Mort informs Chuck of his retirement. But when Chuck discovers that the intended target was the man responsible for his favorite adult beverage, Earth's Preferred, he insists that they have to protect him from whoever the job will fall to next.

Hijinks ensue as both Mort and Chuck take day jobs at the Earth's Preferred home brewery, working their way up the corporate ladder to get close enough to protect the man behind the brew.

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