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They can run but they can't hide. Also, they can't run.

A routine resupply stop takes a terrifying turn when the crew of the Arete realize they're unable to access astral space. Now, intelligence services across the galaxy are realizing that the advanced haathee vessel is trapped in realspace and unable to flee. Now, Captain Jessie Ramsey has to play the less enviable role in a game of cat and mouse. Her ship is tough, great in a fight, but there's only so much she can handle at once.

Meanwhile, the crew scrambles to find a way to repair the star-drive. They have limited materials on hand, a damaged example unit that was jury-rigged to begin with, and no one who knows exactly how one is supposed to work. Hunting pirates was supposed to earn them goodwill, but it's hard to recruit when you're being pursued by Martian warships and a band of pirates who desperately want something you stole from them.

All in a day's work for an outlaw starship captain.

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