Robot Geneticists: Books 1-3

Witness the rebirth of a living Earth.

A thousand years ago, robots inherited a planet ravaged by alien invaders. For a thousand years, their geneticists painstakingly rebuilt the biome from the algae up. Now, the first human has been born since our species was hunted to extinction.

Eve14 was born as a lab experiment destined to become the vessel of an uploaded robotic brain. Her escape triggers a scientific revolution, the exposure of a conspiracy intent on becoming the humans they’ve created, and a shift in the foundations of the society robots have relied on for centuries.

Charlie7 is the robot who started it all. The eldest machine on Earth, he fought off the alien invaders before building himself a workforce to reincarnate the planet. Now, on the cusp of realizing a dream a thousand years in the making, Charlie7 has to fight to save the very thing he built his fellow robots to create:


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