Same as the Old Boss: Mission 14

Stuck around New Singapore when I saw it was time for a change.

Don Rucker has seen what Mordecai The Brown is capable of. Now the second in command of his father's syndicate wants Mort's help with an even bigger job: killing Theo Rucker.

Initially roped in simply as Mort's handler, Chuck's people skills become invaluable in rooting out loyalists to the old regime when even Don's trusted lieutenants are too close to be objective. Mort trims the ranks quietly, become a boogeyman to any syndicate guys not in on the plot. When the coup takes place, they hope for a quick decisive action that swiftly puts Don on the throne.

Of course, none of it goes according to plan, not even the part where Don's only daughter, Tania, is holed up with bodyguards in an undisclosed safehouse. Lucky for her, a young up-and-comer in the organization was also part of her protection detail: Brad Ramsey. When a mole blows their cover, the pair head on the run together, hoping to evade Rucker minions on all sides of the family until they're sure she's safe.

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