Stuck in the Astral with You: Mission 14

It may not be healthy, or particularly tasty, but it's reasonably affordable and Earthlings LOVE it!

Tanny and Esper’s rebel syndicate needs to hit the Ruckers hard and where it hurts: in the finances. They decide on a target, one that most of the galaxy is blissfully unaware is owned by a vicious criminal gang: Friendli Foods. Purveyors of the Milky Way’s favorite junk foods, they make shipments to Earth on a megafreighter large enough to feed billions. Tanny has a plan to hijack it.

Meanwhile, Esper embarks on a mission to ensure that the rebels aren’t blamed for the hijacking. They need a patsy, and what better way to set one up than to replace a mid-level lieutenant in the Rucker organization with a mole. It’ll be up to Esper to convince a bunch of hardened killers that she’s one of them—and to turn them against their own people.

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