The Girls Are Back in Town: Mission 13

Two old friends set out to forge a new galaxy.

Tanny and Esper may have grown apart, but they've joined forces to overthrow the Rucker Syndicate. Tanny's father has crossed too many lines, and now it's time for new leadership of the galaxy's most expansive criminal enterprise. But to topple a crime lord, they must first take away all the leverage that he might use against them; they need to get their loved ones out of harm's way before they become hostages and bargaining chips.

But what if it was already too late. Esper's apprentice has already been compromised. Her estranged family was taken prisoner by the Ruckers. Now, it's a moral choice. Can she turn her back on family—even family she hates? And can Esper and Tanny allow her to walk into a trap to save them?

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