The Good Die Young: Mission 3

No good life goes unpunished.

It seemed like a safe enough gig. A week aboard a One Church missionary ship. Bland entertainment for respectable money. A place where the family could relax and let their guard down.

Until the pirates attacked.

Alone in alien space, the missionaries are sitting ducks. When the hijackers commandeer the vessel, Mort and the Ramseys get split up. Each has to handle their own problems, whether that's telling jokes to keep murderous aliens amused, trying to collect all the kids with at least one parent, or refraining from wrecking an entire starship with magic.

If you take over a ship with enough people aboard, a few are bound to slip through the cracks. And one of those just might be a teenager with little enough respect for little authority and none for the pirates who've taken his family hostage.

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