PRE-ORDER – Who Let the Dogs In: Mission 8 (Available October 15th)

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What's worse than an 8-ton eating machine loose on your ship? Four of them.

The galaxy's most feared pirate raiders are the megalodogs. Massive, nearly indestructible, and knowing just enough magic that science cannot save defenders. The best way to deal with them? Never to let them board your ship. If you invite them aboard, knowingly or not, you're pretty much screwed.

That's the situation Captain Jessica Ramsey finds herself in. With her wizard brother Eric off on a personal quest halfway across the galaxy, her resources for dealing with the giant canines are limited. But once a special forces operative, always a special forces operative. And while the blasters and grenades she packs might not get the job done, she's got other weapons hidden up her sleeve.

Her crew.

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