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By J.S. Morin

Extinction Reversed

Witness humanity’s final days…

These days, even the humans are built by robots.

Explore the ruins of the Human Age. Witness the glory of a world reclaimed from the apocalypse.

Charlie7 is the oldest robot alive. He’s seen everything from the fall of mankind at the hands of alien invaders to the rebuilding of a living world from the algae up. But what he hasn’t seen in over a thousand years is a healthy, intelligent human. When Eve stumbles into his life, the old robot finally has something worth coming out of retirement for: someone to protect.

“It’s not another blasted wasteland of a future. This is post-apocalyptic fiction at it’s finest.”

“Robots wanting to be human; humans becoming robots. You gotta read it!”

“Intelligent, fun, thought provoking, and very human.”

Extinction Reversed is part of the J.S. Morin starter library.

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  • Twinborn Chronicles: get Knight in the Nighttime + bonus story War-Bringer
  • Project Transhuman: get Extinction Reversed + bonus story Population Zero