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By J.S. Morin

Salvage Trouble

Science to build a starship. Wizardry to take it past light speed. A crew to give it a soul.

In the year 2254, gravity was officially declared to be magic; the scientists gave up trying to figure it out and handed it over to the wizards.

Mission 1: Salvage Trouble

Centuries later, captain Carl Ramsey has a starship to run. Down on his luck, struggling to pay the cost of fuel, he’s just looking for some quick, easy cash. While looting the wreck of a passenger ship, they discover that one escape pod never ejected, and the passengers are still alive. A routine salvage job turns into a rescue mission, and a good deed never goes unpunished. With two refugees aboard, Captain Carl Ramsey finds that his ship, the Mobius, has a target painted on its hull. Someone is after the new passengers, and willing to stop at nothing to get them back.

“The crew of the Mobius is as ecclectic a crew as you’ll find anywhere in the space opera genre. Join them as they perform daring rescues, outrun attackers and stir up trouble in a bar. Mix some Firefly with Star Wars and a little bit of epic fantasy and you get Black Ocean.”

“Science Fiction? Fantasy? Space Opera? Yes to All of the Above, and Entertaining too!”

“This is an auspicious beginning, indeed. I look forward to reading the other volumes. As long as its weird but superbly capable crew can keep the Mobius flying, I’ll keep reading.”

Salvage Trouble is part of the J.S. Morin starter library.

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  • Black Ocean: get Salvage Trouble + bonus story Tech, Lies, and Wizardry
  • Twinborn Chronicles: get Knight in the Nighttime + bonus story War-Bringer
  • Project Transhuman: get Extinction Reversed + bonus story Population Zero