Firehurler Word Cloud

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Firehurler Word Cloud

Firehurler Cover

You might infer from the word cloud that it’s a “buddy” adventure with Brannis and Kyrus as partners. In some ways, maybe that’s not inaccurate …

Word (Clouds) of Wisdom

A word cloud can’t tell you a lot about the plot of a story, but it seems to be a good judge of who is in it. Firehurler, it would seem, is a story about two fellows named Brannis and Kyrus. All the major characters show up in the word cloud, along with “goblin” and “goblins” (though it might have been nice to see them lumped into one), who play their share of a role in the story.

I also see that the numbers “one” and “two” make their way in, but nothing higher. I swear I know math!

Pirates have gone missing. I checked the manuscript, and there are plenty there, but the word cloud seems not to have seen fit to include them. I think the word cloud may be afraid of offending them.

Sorcerers and aether get their due, and I noticed a tiny “warlock” snuck in there as well (pun intended).

Look for future word clouds featuring other stories. Next up: Aethersmith


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