20 Signs You Are a Fantasy Reader

Books can leave a mark on you, etched in your mind. They can affect the way you think, and leave you different from those around you. Those who read fantasy have their own quirks, developed over years of exposure to talk of magic, wizards, and famous swords.
How many of these apply to YOU?

  1. If someone says “speak, friend, and enter.” You answer “mellon.”
  2. You have a paranoid distrust of statues, expecting them to attack.
  3. Someone mentions that a series has 10+ books in it, and you don’t so much as blink.
  4. You are more likely to name a sword than a horse.
  5. You can tell which of the following doesn’t belong: Dragon, Drake, Wyvern, Wyrm.
  6. You understand magic systems better than modern technologies like like smart phones and 3D printers.
  7. If you hear that a vizier is involved, you immediately assume he is guilty of a treasonous plot.
  8. You’d do better identifying a random assortment of 20 swords than you would properly identifying the elements of a formal dining spread.
  9. You consider a warm cloak to be essential travel gear
  10. Given a choice between a farm boy and a grizzled veteran soldier, you’ll put the world’s fate in the hands of the farm boy.
  11. Any old man with a beard and a pipe is a wizard, and no one can convince you otherwise.
  12. You have held your wedding ring (or any other ring) over a flame to see if runes appear on the inside of the band
  13. You have actually worn or are wearing a ring with elvish runes inside the band.
  14. You have mistakenly expressed a monetary value in fictitious currency.
  15. You know what world you would like to retire to when you’re done adventuring.
  16. Among your circle of friends, everyone assumes they would be the wizard if you were all on a quest.
  17. You are “in the middle of” five or more series.
  18. You know more about geography of someone else’s world than you do about Earth’s.
  19. One or more of your children are named after a character in a story.
  20. You held this list up to the moonlight to see if you were missing any hidden signs.

Can you think of any I forgot or overlooked? I’m sure you can!