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The Dark Beyond the Door Cover ArtSecret Project Command has given clearance to discuss the Secret Project. As it turns out, I’m a contributor to an upcoming short story anthology, called The Dark Beyond the Door, which will hopefully be available coming came out June 1. J.R. Karlsson has rounded up a stable of ten authors, including yours truly. My contribution is “Three Demon Gambit,” a sort of dark parable about trifling with creatures from the netherworld.

My fellow contributors are (summarized by J.R. Karlsson):

Michael J. Sullivan is the best-selling author of the Rirya series and is currently signed with Orbit books. He can be found in any good book store and he has agreed to do the foreword for the anthology while also being gracious enough to contribute a story. While the anthology is generally a collection of independent authors, Michael J. Sullivan started out self-published before being picked up by a publisher, and continues to be a tireless supporter of newer independent writers.

M. Todd Gallowglas is the founder of The Genre Underground and has been a professional storyteller for over 20 years. He is the author of the best-selling Tears of Rage series and the Halloween Jack series.

J.S. Morin is me. I am the author of the Twinborn Trilogy and the Mad Tinker Chronicles (ongoing).

Gregory Close is the author of In Siege of Daylight, a huge tome that has been compared favourably to the likes of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.

Christopher Kellen writes old-school Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Karl Edward Wagner and Robert E. Howard. He is the author of the Arbiter Codex and The Elements of Sorcery series and is also a member of The Genre Underground.

S.M. White is the author of The Paruus Histories and The Witch’s Price. He writes dark fantasy that deals with the human condition in vivid complexity and violent detail.

Ken Lim is the author of The Starfall Knight and The Steelbound Sun.

Tristan Gregory is responsible for the military fantasy Twixt Heaven and Hell and a series of short fiction known as The Wandering Tale, from which he has contributed a story for this anthology.

SG Night is a prodigy who somehow wrote Attrition in his teens and as a result is the youngest contributing author by a long distance. He has been getting rave reviews all over the internet of late as an up-and-comer.

Jason Varrone is the author of the Legacy series, a highly underrated fantasy that has been championed by yours truly.

S. A. Hunt is an author and cover artist who writes The Outlaw King series, a fantasy western epic that is evocative of Stephen King’s Dark Tower. He will be providing the cover art for the anthology.

This is an exciting prospect for me, to be associated with such esteemed company. I’d also like to thank Michael J. Sullivan for stepping up and lending both gravitas and his skill as a writer to the project. I’ll keep everyone posted when the anthology is available to purchase.

Update: The anthology is now available on and for Kindle from Amazon


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