Author Update: 7/2/14

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Well, I missed my scheduled Tuesday blog post this week, but I’d like to think it was for a good cause. Last night I finished the manuscript for World-Ripper War and sent it off to the editor. Next up: working on the detailed outline for the final book in the Mad Tinker Chronicle.

What’s that? You thought there were going to be 5 books in the series? Well, initially, so did I. But as I got deeper into the writing of World-Ripper War, I noticed that the development of both the characters and plot were a bit farther along that I had realized. There are a number of notable series out there that see the end and panic: “But there’s so much more I wanted to tell,” or “there’s so much more money in more books!” I’d like to think I won’t fall into the trap of story bloat. The plot of the overall series and how it turns out will remain unchanged, but I felt that the final two books were really only telling one story when I looked at my rough outline. The finale may end up a little longer than the first three books, and it will end up with a mid-book climax before the series climax, but I think it’s better fit to a single novel rather than stretching it to two. It was something that had been nagging at me for a while now, and I decided it was the right direction to go.

In Other News…

I was recently interviewed by and the interview was posted this morning. I welcome you all to stop by and check it out.

Thanks everyone! Now it’s back to work for me.


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