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Tinker’s Justice

Well, I’ve just wrapped up the manuscript for Tinker’s Justice, the final book in the Mad Tinker Chronicles. It still needs all the editing, cover artwork, and ebook formatting, so it’s not ready to put in people’s hands yet, but from my perspective, the story is done. The plot, the characters, the world, all the things I needed to put together to make this saga is on the page, just needing tweaks. I may change a detail or two before it gets released, but I’ve told the tale.

This will be my second complete series, and both set in the Twinborn Universe. Over a million words total have gone into writing them. It’s been a good ride, and will continue to be (I hope!). But for my next project I’m shifting direction. I’m going to write a space fantasy series.

Black Ocean

In the year 2254 gravity was officially declared to be magic; the scientists gave up trying to figure it out and handed it over to the wizards. Without any inherent respect for the laws of physics, the wizards poked and prodded at gravity, poring over all that science knew about the attraction of one object to the next, and dismissing it as poppycock. They discovered ways around the tired old limits, and gave birth to the first true starships. Some enlightened journalist, covering the maiden voyage of the Impossible, noted that the ship was shaped like a hand giving the middle finger to science.

This is the opening paragraph of my next project, Black Ocean. I’ve poked and prodded at it here and there in between Mad Tinker books, and the story has been buzzing in the back of my mind demanding attention. After I finish editing Tinker’s Justice (and work on a couple short stories I’m behind on), this is getting my full attention.

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  1. Florian Wichers

    Many congratulations on both, your almost finished work and being sucked into the next project (that sounds pretty intriguing to me!) already! 🙂


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