New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

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The theme of this year’s resolutions is “Taking My Own Advice.” So, looking back on what I blogged about in 2014, what should I focus on for 2015?

Keep up with writing reviews for the books I read

As a self-published author, reviews show prospective readers that my books are worth their time, effort, and money. With a published novel, you expect a bare minimum of quality at least, but the floor for self-publishing is really “figured out how to upload to Kindle Direct Publishing.” That means that some backup evidence is necessary to convince people to give works like mine a try. Social validation is key for the indie author.

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Getting better with Scrivener

Earlier this year I made the switch from sing a mix of Word and Excel documents for organizing my writing to using Scrivener. While I’ve gotten proficient with the basic functions, there’s still a lot more I can get out of it. 2015 is the time to start making the most of my primary writing tool.

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Keeping on track with outlining

I’m not an outliner by nature. I started out just gardening my way through books, knowing where I wanted to head but having little idea what would happen in the middle. When I started writing full-time, and writing became a career, I felt that I needed a more structured approach. It was no longer a matter of “it’ll be done when it’s done,” or “it’s going to be as long as it needs to be.” Planning allowed me to keep a better eye toward pacing and length, and it let me manage more intricate plots (which was a big help for the Mad Tinker Chronicles). I plan to keep up the outlining, since it has been such a huge help in streamlining my writing.

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