A – Adventure

Because a life of stability and hard work just isn’t in the cards.

B – Battle

Something to break up all the walking, riding, and sailing long distances.

C – Crown

A bauble to fight over.

D – Dwarf

A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.

E – Elf

A pointy-eared guardian of ancient forest, baker of cookies, or nocturnal cobbler (pro bono).

F – Foe-Hammer

The sword also known at Glamdring.

G – Glamdring

The sword also called the Foe-Hammer.

H – Hero

The poor, unsuspecting sap who gets railroaded into saving the world (often more than once).

I – Invisibility

Because monsters are scarier when you can’t see them, even with plenty of light.

J – Jailbreak

The one-size-fits-all solution for unjust imprisonment.

K – King

Ruler by divine right, inheriting a ring-shaped hat, or by having a sharper sword and more men than the previous king.

L – Legend

A completely overblown and impossible to believe story that is nonetheless completely true.

M – Magic

The difference between fantasy and science fiction.

N – Nerd

Chief proponent of the fantasy genre. Someone who was into fantasy before Peter Jackson and George RR Martin made it cool.

O – Olden Times

The nebulous time period when most fantasy takes place.

P – Prophecy

Because sometimes you just don’t know where to go without a dead wizard with literary pretensions telling you.

Q – Quest

Essentially an errand, but one that you need to be armed for. Often requires camping.

R – Ruin

Medieval times had plenty of undeveloped real estate, so old structures were left to decay into quest goals instead of being converted to condos and shopping malls.

S – Sword

The basic tool in the hero’s toolbox. Can be used for anything from cutting ropes to opening canned bandits.

T – Temple

Depending on comparative theology, either a place of refuge or a warren filled with fanatical foes.

U – Underdark

A fancy name for caverns full of monsters.

V – Vampire

They don’t sparkle, talk about their feelings, or drink donated blood. Vampires are the step on the food chain immediately above humans.

W – Wizard

Many may dabble in magic, but a wizard makes a profession of it.

X – Xi’zak’cha

Or any other unpronounceable name consisting of under-represented letters and overused punctuation.

Y – YA

Because sometimes adults are being idiots, and a 16-year-old has to step up and save the world.

Z – Zombie

A mindless, marauding brain-eating machine made from dead human flesh. Alternatively, a fantasy author before his morning coffee.