What’s coming in 2017?

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Behind the Pages | 5 comments

“The time has come,” the Writer said,
“To write of other things.
Of robots, clones, and aliens,
Of shadowbloods, and kings.
And why V.R. is killing us,
And why spaceships have wings.”

“But wait a bit,” the Readers cried.
“We haven’t read your last.
For some of us are well behind,
Not all of us read fast!”
“No hurry!” said the Publisher.
“You’re going to have a blast!”

“A series new,” the Writer said,
“Is what we chiefly need.
Stories, fun and int’resting,
Are very good indeed.
Now if you’re ready, readers dear,
You can prepare to read.”

With that glimpse into what’s coming up starting in 2017, tell me what you’d like to hear about!


  1. KevinLo

    I’ll be honest, I’m on a LitRPG binge right now. Can’t get enough of the well written ones, the market is crying out for more, though a lot are half baked rush jobs with so many mistakes and errors. Need a decent author to step up 😉

  2. colincapelin

    I like the mix of old and new tech in firefly styles.

  3. tvrtle

    It depends on the author. A great author can write anything and people will read it. Look at all the genres that Issac Asimov did. Another is L.E. Modessit, Jr. He write space opera, fantasy, thrillers and spies and others. A good writer can make any genre enjoyable to read,

  4. sls4ak1

    I love SteamPunk, I read everything.  I do not understand authors who will have a table of contents that is all numbers, or those who never read their e-books after they’ve been published.  Even JK Rowling found errors in “A Casual Vacancy” despite having a strong publishing house doing the work.  She found the errors and an update was sent.  I did not like Black Ocean, but love Twinborn, and could not get enough of the Mad Tinkerer’s Daughter, so much so that I bought books of a lesser grade different author due to title similarities (they were good enough) My apologies that this turned into a rant.  Thanks for the diatribes on world-building, your thoughts on the craft of writingare insightful. I love word play,  finely honed dialogue, etc. it is nice to find the perfect word even if it is uncommon, as long as a story can be read without constant use of a dictionary.  Finding a few new perfect words is fun.  I like very much that You use very little boilerplate in continuing stories.  Some authors (as in Wheel of Time) shortsheet books with copy pasta constantly retelling the same long descriptions.  I love that you trust readers to pay attention to the story that they are reading.  That names are reasonable, and that there is ample description to visualize the environment.

  5. HowieMurray

    Would love to see you jump in and join the Emberverse for some short stories in the next collection.


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