Are any shows “appointment television” for you?

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“Appointment television” hasn’t died, but Netflix sure is trying to strangle it. And while I’m certainly one to binge whole seasons or series in a stretch, I still take time to selectively keep up with a few special shows.

Via DVR, of course. I barely keep track of what day it is, let alone what time a show comes on.

One of those special shows began its second season last Sunday night: American Gods.


For those who haven’t read it, American Gods is a profoundly weird book. It’s not urban fantasy, magical realism, or anything else that fits in a convenient box. It’s modern mythology clashing with the ancient kind. And the televised version has been equally, wonderfully weird, and they’ve managed to film scenes that I thought for SURE “no way in hell can they include THAT.”

(those of you who have read the book should know which scene)

Season 2 started with another of those hard-to-peg scenes where the book’s descriptions make it seem like maybe alluding to an event might work better than showing it. Yet, thanks to the “hold my beer” attitude of the production team, they nailed another iconic set piece.

Anyone looking to catch up and join in as season 2 unfolds, fair warning. This series is not rated anything kid-friendly. They took a wonderfully dark, twisted, existentially morbid story and translated it faithfully (if not verbatim) in all its grim glory.

So for this week’s Facebook discussion topic, let’s talk about what your favorite appointment television is (or was, if your favorite has ended).

What do still try to watch real-time to talk about at work?

What’s your “I’ve earned this respite during my busy week” viewing luxury? Or if you can’t–or won’t–be shackled to the TV at a date/time, have you ever been blindsided by spoilers from folks who did keep an appointment with a favorite show you recorded before you could catch up?

Respond in the comments or join in the Facebook discussion about your “appointment television” favorites:

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