So You Want to Be a Wizard…

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I think anyone who’s read books or watched movies has, at some point, contemplated being a wizard. Whether it’s a simple wish to levitate traffic out of your way or childhood fantasies of knights and dragons, facing down monsters with a toilet brush (to your mother’s horror), we’ve all imagined what it might be like.

Not every world makes magic out to be a blessing. Certainly, The Magicians shows the incredible toll that magic can take on a person, and the “wizards” in Star Wars are constantly on guard against the Dark Side (plus that whole not having families thing).

In my own books, the magic of the Twinborn Chronicles universe holds a certain mountain-shattering appeal—if you manage not to incinerate yourself or attract the attention of powerful rivals. In Black Ocean, the wizards of the Convocation can basically harangue the universe until it bends the laws of physics to their liking. However, it comes at the cost of not playing around the advanced techno toys.

As much as I love my techno toys, there’s also something to be said for shutting down a blaster aimed your way.

So what would you pick? If you could be a wizard from any fictional fantasy setting, what would it be?

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