Build Your Own Starship

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I want a spaceship. YOU want a spaceship. I’m pretty sure, given the chance, nearly anyone on Earth would want a working, interstellar spaceship all their own.

But what KIND do you want?

Are you looking for the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? A force to be reckoned with? An intrepid explorer?

To that end, pick TWO of the following traits for your ship:

  • Unusually Fast
  • Extra Firepower
  • Fearsome Reputation
  • Cloaking
  • A.I. Computer
  • Universal Translator
  • Separable Shuttles
  • Tractor Beam
  • Food Replicator
  • Advanced Scanners

If you’d like to take a THIRD trait, you have to take one of the following restrictions:

  • Hunted by an Enemy (more powerful, relentless)
  • Work for a Government Agency/Military
  • Always Breaking Down
  • Cozy (i.e. always seems too small for its crew/cargo)
  • Squabbling Crew (no matter who you hire/recruit; will include a squabbling A.I. if that option is chosen)
  • Alien Systems (built by a non-human species, not for human use)

Note, I have not included holodecks or transporters. Federation ships are already overpowered 😉

If you want to know my pick, just read on. I didn’t want anyone getting biases by seeing my answer within casual glancing distance of the options. I’m looking to see what YOU come up with, not an opinion on my selection.

OK. So what I’d go with would be a combination of cloaking and food replicator. I don’t plan on running heists or exploring the unknown. I need a quiet place to write, and I think my own private, cloaked starship would be a great way to accomplish that. I could pop in, visit the folks once in a while, then hop back out to some cool-looking nebula for inspiration as I sit there, cloaked, eating freshly-replicated pizza and typing up the next Black Ocean book.

So what’s your choice, and why?

Respond in the comments or join in the Facebook discussion about what kind of starship you’re building:

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