Meet my cat, Soria…

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The life of a writer can be lonely and isolating at times. When I first started writing full-time, my wife was still working a day job. That left me at home with a computer for 8 hours a day plus the length of a lunch and commute (both ways). She worried about my already-dubious sanity.

Solution: We hired a Corporate Morale Officer for the writing and publishing business.

Her name is Soria.

At the time, I only had one series (Twinborn Chronicles), and we waited a few days after getting her to pick a name. The idea was to find a name that suited her personality. To anyone who knows the Twinborn Chronicles, you can imagine what she was like as a kitten to get THAT name.

Basically, aside from scratching up my arms and teething on my fingers, her job was to keep me company all day, often by climbing up my pant leg to nap in my lap as I wrote.

Soria, as a kitten, performing her duties as Chief Morale Officer

Six years later, my wife works from home and Soria thinks my desk gets in the way of sleeping on my lap as I write. But our CMO still camps out and watches me work, or at least naps within monitoring range.

How about you guys? Any pets to keep you company or keep you active? Just want to share adorable pet photos?

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