More Than a Sword

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The sword is the iconic staple of the fantasy multiverse. It’s among the more effective all-purpose melee weapons, while more conveniently portable than the ultimate medieval weapon: the spear. They can denote rank, carry magical enchantments, or hack down foes.

But what else can swords do?

Thanks to either innovative blacksmithing or wizardly magic, many swords do more than reduce enemies to smaller, bloodier pieces. They can glow to warn of danger (The Hobbit), entrap the souls of the dead (Gardens of the Moon), or select the rightful king of England (Arthurian legend).

I’ve written some of those myself.

In my Twinborn Chronicles, Massacre/Heavens Cry can belch forth a noxious cloud that poisons enemies. Avalanche, in addition to being effective at hacking up soldiers and fortifications, makes for an excellent door stop (for any size door) since it stays wherever the wielder places it—including mid-air!

Massacre, from the Twinborn Chronicles

QUESTION: So which are your favorite swords that are more than just swords?

My wife can’t help but chuckle at that singing sword in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

Singing sword, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

DISCUSSION: Respond in the comments, or join in the Facebook discussion about your favorite sword++. Share the sword’s name, where it’s from, and what else it does:

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