Are You Ready to Upload Your Brain?

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Living in the Future, Musing & Brain Teasers | 0 comments

So, who’s ready for the robot revolution? Will you rise up and join our new robotic masters in a shiny new machine body? Or fight to preserve biological life as Homo roboticus emerges to threaten our very existence?

Anyone who’s read my Robot Geneticists series will be familiar with scanning and upload rigs. It sounds like real-world science has taken some of the first steps toward developing the technology to transmit signals from brain to brain.

If this research eventually advances (and research generally tends in that direction), which faction do you think will prevail?


  • People who want to use brain-scanning technology to diagnose and treat brain injuries, preserve memories in a permanent format, and develop interfaces to cybernetics that can replace (or even upgrade) missing limbs and organs.
  • People who want to use brain-scanning technology to read the minds of criminals and spies, rewrite the thoughts of subversives, and copy human consciousness like a commodity.

It’s a slippery slope, and someone just gave us a push.

DISCUSSION: Respond in the comments, or take the Facebook poll and discuss there why you think the world will use brain-scanning technology for good or evil:

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