Poll: What’s it take to be the greatest bounty hunter?

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Musing & Brain Teasers | 0 comments

Back when I first launched my Black Ocean: Mercy for Hire series, I posed this question to my email insiders. The main character, Esper, may be unconventional, but she still shares many of traits the great scifi bounty hunters possess.

A bounty hunter’s job is to collect a target. Maybe alive. Maybe dead. Maybe it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Point is, there’s a job to do and only half the payment up front.

If you were to build the galaxy’s perfect bounty hunter, what DNA would you use?

Which characteristics matter most?

  • Guile
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Cool gear
  • A secret edge
  • Utter lack of empathy

Tell me what ingredients you think are essential in the comments!

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