Poll: Imagine it’s 2065. “I believe robots will_”

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Back when I first launched my Project Transhuman series (formerly Robot Geneticists), I posed this question to my email insiders.

While my series takes a less common perspective on the role robots will play in the future, there are some views that come up frequently in scifi.

Movies, books, television, and games have portrayed robots in dozens of different lights over the years. Visions of robots convey everything from reverence to fear to disdain to utilitarianism to sentimentality and on and on.

With increasing automation making—and driving—our cars, it seems inevitable that robots will play a huge role in our future lives.

So here, I challenge your imagination.

Think ahead 50 years, 100 years, 200 years, 1000 years.

“I believe robots will _________”

  • make our lives easier [Team Star Wars]
  • be scorned in society [Team Blade Runner]
  • have equal rights [Team Star Trek: TNG]
  • destroy us all [Team Matrix]
  • merge with us [Team Ex Machina]
  • save the world [Team Wall-E]

Fun fact, the original poll only had 5 options. My email insiders overwhelmingly agreed I had missed a big one—and the “Team Ex Machina” option was born.

Where do you believe robots will exist in society? Which team do you belong to? Reply in the comments and tell me.

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