We’re Celebrating WHAT?

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It’s autumn in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time of changing leaves, football games… and Halloween. There are plenty of holidays on the calendar, some better than others. Some are religious in origin, if not always in observation. Others are patriotic. Halloween falls into a weird void between pagan origins and secular fun. And somewhere along the way, the holiday acquired a tradition of costumed candy-begging marauders.

And yet, for all its misfit traits, Halloween remains a favorite holiday for many.

It gets me thinking about all the fictional holidays out there, the ones that really were just made up out of thin air, but don’t feel that way. What’s your favorite?

Some candidates, to get the ball rolling…

Hogswatch – The Discworld comingling of Christmas and New Year’s Day, with visitation by the Hogfather.
Unification Day – We wouldn’t be Firefly fans without a passing mention of the holiday that gets Malcolm Reynolds out to a rough drinking establishment in Alliance-friendly territory.
Sadie Hawkins Day – Originating in the Li’l Abner comic, it actually spawned the eponymous dance where girls get to ask boys out. Despite that concept being pretty dated now, I bet most people didn’t know it was just thrown into a comic strip and caught on.
Bygones Day – Shameless self-plug for the Twinborn Chronicles here. The holiday I invented is the day where you get to dress up as a traditional rival and bury the hatchet—or make their profession look as ridiculous as possible, as the case may be.
Durin’s Day – a somber addition to the list, Durin’s Day is the dwarven new year, the only time when the entrance to the Lonely Mountain is visible.

I know this is a paltry list, but having you guys share some of your favorites is the whole point of the musings and brain teasers. So tell me: which fictional holidays inspire you to celebrate?

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