“What If…?” but for Star Wars

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OK, so all of us have some free time on our hands now and then. Even before “What If…?” became a big thing on Disney+, I’d had a version in my mind for the Star Wars universe. The “why this will never turn into a book” should be painfully obvious (I don’t own the IP for Star Wars). But it’s still a fun thought experiment. Here are a few of my kernels of ideas for episodes.

What if…

  • … Uncle Owen had let Luke go to the Academy?
  • … Han had plowed into one of those asteroids?
  • … Luke had accepted Vader’s offer to rule the galaxy with him?
  • … Han hadn’t gone back and rescued Luke? (I think this one works for the Death Star attack or hanging from the bottom of Bespin at the end of Ep V)
  • … Greedo had just shot Han?
  • … Yoda had accompanied Luke to Bespin?

Some of these would be fun twists on the story. Others would be entirely new narratives, unrecognizable from current Star Wars canon. One thing, however, is clear. If Disney wants any stories like this written, they’re probably not coming to me.

A shame, really. I think a Darth Luke episode where he takes down the empire from the inside would be fun.

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