Futurama, but in the past

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While movie theaters have been shut down and people staying home, Netflix has become the heartbeat of the entertainment world (and maybe it has been for a while, but now it’s more obvious). It’s where new shows are discovered, where my “I’ve been meaning to watch that but haven’t gotten around to it” list lives, and where current shows get dropped, hitting my recommendations list like a boulder on the kitchen table.

This time around, it was Disenchantment that caught my attention and diverted the wandering railroad of my viewing habits onto its most recent track.

For those unfamiliar with Matt Groening’s work, he was the creator of The Simpsons, then Futurama. His current project fits the same general irreverent tone (and many of the voice cast from Futurama) and checks the final box in the trifecta of Present (Simpsons), Future (Futurama, unsurprisingly), and now Past.

Disenchantment takes place in a fairy-tale-esque medieval-esque setting, and takes nothing seriously. Its main cast includes a drunken, loutish princess, an outcast elf (more Keebler than Rivendell), and a literal demon from hell.

The series is more plot-centric than either of the prior two series mentioned. That includes a more deliberate approach to character development for all the main cast. But it keeps the same tongue-in-cheek background detail that always lets you know it’s not taking itself remotely seriously.

Is it as timeless as the best episodes of The Simpsons? That’s too high a bar to set for any series. Is it as clever as Futurama? Same deal. But Disenchantment is consistently entertaining and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something light to watch on Netflix.

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