Soldiers on Ice

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Sometimes ideas come to us at the weirdest times. The middle of the night is all too common. In my house, we refer to a shower as “Brain Rain” for a reason. And plenty of times, I’ll be driving and ask my wife to text me a reminder of something that just popped into my head.

The point: not every idea that comes up receives thorough vetting and research before getting added to the pile.

Such is the case with Supersoldier on Ice.

You can already see where this one is heading, I imagine.

I don’t recall the thought process behind thinking this was the kernel of a great story. Clearly, it’s a cool idea (pun intended). It’s such a cool idea that it has it’s own TV Tropes page ( Of course, the page casts a wider net, but the idea of a badass coming back after being frozen isn’t unique either.

  • Captain America
  • Captain America: the Winter Soldier
  • Captain Airbender (i.e. Aang from Avatar: the last airbender)
  • Demolition Man
  • Austin Powers
  • Han Solo (sort of)

Without going on an exhaustive search for examples, this stuff isn’t breaking new ground. And while it’s a fine trope, and appears in my of my favorite franchises, it’s not necessarily the greatest starting point for something new. And since the sole purpose of my ideas document is to catalogue ideas I might actually turn into stories, that leaves this one…

…on ice.

I know. I’ll show myself out.

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