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By now, most people have probably forgotten about it, but for a brief period in 2017, DC had a superhero comedy starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk. Or rather, it had a comedy about non-superheroes in its comicbook universe.

The premise was an insurance company (run by Tudyk’s Van Wayne, a forgotten Bruce Wayne cousin) that specializes in products to protect regular people trying to live out their lives amid supervillain attacks and the associated carnage that goes with them. The young, optimistic staff come up with crazy inventions like fireproof coats and debris-shielding umbrellas and many more, but mostly these are played as sight gags rather than episode premises.

Between the gritty DCEU and the occasionally-gritty-but-generally-fluffy Arrowverse, this leans heavily toward the latter. Everything from the cinematography to the banter is light and cheery, and unlike the other two entries from DC, doesn’t take itself the least bit seriously.

And I think therein lies the show’s downfall.

The tone of the show was sketch comedy, where the entire setting was part of the punchline. Most sitcoms have a fairly standard setting (office, small town, apartment building) and have zany stories take place there. I think Powerless took its setting in the DC universe for granted. Aside from namedropping heroes and places, there was nothing that made it feel very DC; or rather, it felt like a spoof of DC rather than a comedy set within it.

Still, it was a popcorn sort of fun while it lasted, and it’s not a heavy time investment to check it out.

You can buy individual episodes or the (only) entire season on Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

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